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Missionaries Raising Support

  • There are close to 1,800 missionaries listed in the JEMA (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association) Directory 2019. In the midst of difficult financial times many of these come back from Japan for deputation and struggle to raise sufficient support in order to return. Newer missionary candidates struggle to raise their initial support to begin their missionary careers.

This page is available for missionaries and missionary candidates to post information that will help us to pray for them, and as the Lord leads, to help support them. Please send information to Don Wright.

Missionary Candidates

Paul and Liz Godwin (Updated October, 2013)
Zachary and Allison Nance (Added August, 2019)


Missionary Candidates

Paul and Liz Godwin

(Updated 10/2013) Liz is doing Returnee follow-up and attempting to start international student ministry near key campuses in the Kansai area. Many International Students come in contact with the Gospel while living overseas, put their faith in Christ and then return to their country. The number of students who return to Japan as new Christians or those just beginning to seek the Lord is around 1600 per year. Yet 80% of those who return as Christians fall away from the faith within three years of returning to Japan.

Liz is working hard to:
• Introduce Returnees to Christian ESL Ministries, Churches, and to others who have been abroad in order to encourage one another, pray together and enjoy personal fellowship.
• Liz is adding updates to the ISI Returnee database.
• We also hope to Disciple and Encourage Returnees to reach out to others to start Talk Times or ICF (International Christian Fellowships) in Japan.

• Is working alongside a TEAM church planter – Kobe, Japan – in an English language ministry as a platform to engage in ISM (Int’l Student Ministry): Talk Time, ICF, ESL Bible Studies, etc.
• Is researching Kansai Region university and college campuses to learn which have international student ministry in place or have potential for ISM.

Would you consider becoming a Financial Partner or Prayer Partner?
You can give to the Godwin’s account through ISI Donor Services:
ISI, Godwin Account #5383
Mail: PO Box C, Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Calling: 1-800-474-8628
Giving Envelope: from Liz
Credit Card Donation:
Easy Giving Plan: from Checking account
Online Giving


Zachary and Allison Nance

The Nance family has been burdened with the needs of the people and the church in Japan. In November 2018, we were appointed by OMF International (U.S.) for service in Japan. It is our hope to be in Sapporo, Japan by November 2020! Ultimately, we long to see miraculous Gospel transformation among the Japanese. We hope to aid in church revitalization and the planting of new churches in Japan. We pray that through our family, the truth and love of Jesus would be made evident to those he places in our lives. We are currently in a season of partnership development and support raising and we would love to answer any questions about what partnering with us might look like. You truly are a part of the Lord’s Kingdom-minded mission to the Japanese.

Our Facebook group page is: Facebook

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