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Missionary Reports

  • There are close to 2,000 missionaries listed in the JEMA (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association) Directory 2013. Each has a story to tell, a burden to share. Please pray for them and for the Japanese pastors in Japan

This page is available for missionaries to post their basic information that will help us to pray for them. Please send information to Don Wright.

Missionaries in Japan

Diaspora Ministers

Missionaries Raising Support

Retired Missionary Ministries



Missionaries in Japan

Bonkoski, Chris and Jackie
Eisenmann, John and Silvia
Eusey, Even and Audrey

Inouye, Steve and Miku
Mirabella, Tom and Karen (Updated September 2019)
Robison, David and Tomo (Updated November 16, 2012)
Robison, Jon and Maki
Smith, Ian
Town, Jesse and Gypsi
Zorina, Joey and Yisel

Chris and Jackie Bonkoski


We are the Bonkoski Family, Chris, Jackie, Arya (2009) and Caitlin (2013). We’re ordinary people wanting to serve our great God where He can use us most. We are missionaries serving with a church planting team from Send International in Sendai, Japan. We will partner with the local Japanese church to raise up Japanese leaders, sharing the love and truth of Jesus and starting more churches. We are currently engaged in full-time language learning and cultural acquisition to set the foundation for long-term ministry. Please pray for our family to learn the language and be used by the Lord in great ways here to raise up His church in Japan.

If you would like to find out more about us and our ministry or receive regular prayer updates, please feel free to contact us. God Bless.
FB/Instagram: @Chrisjackiebonkoski

Even and Audrey Eusey


After four long years of seeking the Lord’s provision and mobilizing prayer for Japan, we finally arrived in Sapporo, Japan, in November 2012! Praise the Lord! We are career missionaries with OMF International, currently in full-time Japanese language study. As our language skills progress, we can hardly wait to share Christ with the new friends the Lord is already giving us. We’re looking forward to ministering here through evangelism, church-planting, and discipleship. Thanks for praying for us, and for the Japanese. Let us know if you’d like to receive our prayer letters via email.

New email:


John and Silvia Eisenmmann

We are John and Silvia Eisenmann, church planting missionaries with Project Amazon, sent from our church in Brazil to plant an international church in Japan. We have four sons, Antony, Samuel, Asher & Caleb. Our church plant is located in metropolitan Tokyo, focused on reaching young Japanese and international families. We use several strategies such as hosting our church service in a coffee shop, hosting a suicide and depression hotline, and doing everyone bilingual in English and Japanese.

Having moved to Japan in 2014, we are well established and integrated into local Japanese life, including our neighborhood and the local families through our children. Thank you for praying with us!

You can find out more about us at, or about our church at


Steve and Miku Inouye

We are missionaries with JEMS, and have the vision to bring the gospel to those in need of social welfare services, such as the elderly and foster children.

Outreach to Moms and Kids
Child abuse in Japan is growing steadily, and the children’s homes are at full capacity. A former pastor who runs a small foster care home has invited us to partner with him to reach abused and neglected children with the gospel. We are also partnering with churches to offer meals to latchkey kids and support groups for young mothers, who are often left to raise their children without much help from the father.
Nursing Home Ministry
In Japan, there are only a handful of Christian workers such as chaplains who care for the spiritual needs of patients in hospitals and nursing homes. As missionaries, we will share the gospel with the residents of Christian nursing homes in the area, and also do home visitations, and give them what may be their last chance to receive Christ and be with the Lord in heaven.
Invitation to Pray and Support
Thank you very much for your interest in our ministry. We are starting to recruit a team of people that would partner with us by giving financially monthly and regularly pray for our ministry. Please prayerfully consider joining our team. Thank you!

Tom and Karen Mirabella


Hi, we are Tom and Karen Mirabella, missionaries serving in Japan with Mission to the World, the missions sending agency of the Presbyterian Church in America. Our calling is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the hurting people of Japan. We serve on a church planting team in center-city Chiba, which is part of the Tokyo Metro area, the largest metro in the world with around 38 million people. Chiba city is the 15th largest in Japan with just under 1 million people in population, making it about the size of San Jose, CA (and larger than Austin, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Charlotte, Memphis, Boston, or Washington, DC).

The church we hope to start will be named “Kizuna,” the Japanese word for “Bonds.” This name represents a big part of the vision for the church: to be an inter-cultural community where the Gospel is lived out amidst deep bonds of fellowship. One goal of our church is reaching out to students at Chiba University, ranked as one of the top 20 universities in Japan. Please pray for God’s blessing on our team as we begin this new work. We hope to launch in early 2021.

If you would like to learn more about our ministry, please check out our website at You can also sign up for our e-mail newsletter here: The Mirabellas in Japan Newsletter.

David and Tomo Robison

  • Dave and Tomo Robison are preparing to serve in Iwate Japan through JEMS, to partner with the Iwate 3.11 Church network. Their goal is to aide in establishing reproducing churches among the Tsunami devastated coastal towns of Iwate, Japan. Dave has been served as a youth pastor, bible study leader and elder at their local church. Tomo is Japanese and was raised in Tokyo, serving faithfully for many years at the church where her father pastored. In 2003 Dave participated in a short term trip to serve at Tomo’s church, where they met for the first time. They were married in 2009, and began raising support to serve as missionaries in Japan. In 2011, after the events of the March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami they felt God leading them to serve among the Tsunami devistated region of Tohoku.
  • Through the faithful work of both Japanese and International Christians who have been assisting in disaster relief and survivor care since the Tsunami hit, God is opening the hearts of the people of Iwate to hear the gospel. Many of the cities struck by the Tsunami have no evangelical church, and have never had a Christian influence in their history. As many of the short term workers begin to return to their homes there is now an urgent need for long term missionaries to partner with the few Japanese churches in the area in order to build upon the relationships and trust earned by the short term workers, in the hopes of establishing new churches that can continue to share the love of Christ with the people of Iwate for many years to come.
  • Along with their son one year old son Titus, Dave and Tomo intend to move to Iwate in March of 2013, where they will spend their first two year term in preparation to begin church planting. During that time they will prayerfully seek out partners with which to join or form a church planting team, determine which city God is working in to raise up new believers in need of a church, participate in survivor care ministries, and dedicate time for Dave to advance in language acquisition.
  • For more information, please visit our web site. Sending organization: JEMS.

Jon and Maki Robison

Missionaries raising support with JEMS

  • Hi! We are Jon and Maki Robison We have spent a three year term as missionaries in Tokyo, but when we return to Japan in January we will move north to tsunami-struck Iwate prefecture right away.
  • Iwate is the third least Christian (by ratio) prefecture in all of Japan. Out of the almost 2,000 missionaries in Japan less than a dozen are working in Iwate, and many of them are scheduled to phase-out relief operations in the prefecture by the end of 2013.
  • Iwate doesn’t have an American school, so missionary families are virtually nonexistent. As our kids are dual-citizens we feel comfortable using the Japanese schools, and after visiting Iwate in February, we feel it’s a great ministry opportunity for our family!
  • Our goal is to plug into a community and become involved immediately in order to either help an existing church plant grow, or start a new church in an unreached community. We are currently looking for more prayer and support partners. Feel free to contact us, check out our website or check out our past prayer updates via twitter!

Here is our contact info:

twiter: @jonandmaki

If you would like to donate to our ministry you can do so here! and select ‘Japan International Ministry’, then ‘Jon and Maki Robison’.

Ian Smith

Missionary with Converge Worldwide

  • Hello, my name is Ian Smith and I have been called by God to the nation of Japan to help establish and strengthen Japanese churches! I am originally from Olympia, Washington and have lived in Seattle, Tokyo, Chicago and South Korea.
  • In 2008 I had the opportunity to live in Tokyo for six months and serve with a church doing student outreach–God used this time to develop in my heart a love for the Japanese people and a desire to see a move of the Holy Spirit that would bring many Japanese to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • I studied International Studies Asia and History at the University of Washington in Seattle, and as preparation for further ministry in Japan I recently completed my graduate studies in Intercultural Studies and Missions at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.
  • I came to faith in Jesus as a teenager and I am passionate about proclaiming the Gospel. As a Converge Worldwide missionary I desire to work in partnership with the local church in Japan to help plant multiplying transformational churches among the Japanese.
  • Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Please consider partnering with me financially, you can find out how to give here:

Jesse and Gypsi Town

Since becoming missionaries in 2013 Jesse and Gypsi have been on an incredible journey of deepening their understanding of and experiencing the transformative power of the gospel. Their marriage has been transformed. Their relationship with family and community is transforming daily. The gospel has changed their lives and they couldn’t be more excited about sharing it with Japanese people.

Our ministry:

  • Disciple others in every area of life.
  • Intimately engage in our community, actively revealing God’s love and transforming power.
  • Facilitate retreats in our home that help others live out the truths of the gospel in daily life.
  • Write and perform authentic music that expresses the impact of the gospel and inspire others to do the same.
  • Provide hope, acceptance and an environment to flourish through our emerging alternative school.



Joey and Yisel Zorina

Joey and Yisel Zorina have lived in Japan for many years together.  After several years of serving in different capacities, they planted an international church called The Bridge Fellowship Tokyo in 2017 that seeks to reach the Japanese.  The church engages with Jazz musicians, teachers, I.T engineers and everyone else in between.  They are part of Redeemer City to City network of churches and Acts29 global family of church-planting churches.  They are always looking for ways to partner and encourage younger men and women to serve with their team in Tokyo.  You may reach out to them via their website: and on

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