Diaspora Ministers

Liz and Paul Godwin–Seattle, Washington

Jim and Cara T–Minnesota

Liz and Paul Godwin–Seattle, Washington
We have been reaching out to international students since 1986 mostly Japanese

Our current ministry includes:

· English Practice

o Japanese Moms Bible Study

o Chinese Mom’s ESL practice

· Discovery Bible Study

o International Christian Fellowship

o ICF is a house church made up of 99% non- Christians.

· Training for workers

o RJC Conference Planning,

o RJC Webinars

· Returnee Follow-up in Japan

o Connect Returnees to Missionaries and churches in Japan.

Support: MAIL: ISI Box C, Colorado Springs, CO 80901 (Acct #383 Godwin) EMAIL Donor Services: donorservices@isionline.org CALL Donor Services: 1-800-474-8628 to set up Automatic withdrawal or Credit Card transaction. ONLINE: http://www.isionline.org/Donate/PaulandLizGodwin.aspx\

Contact: Lizgodwin1955@gmail.com

Jim T.

I am a missionary associate with International Student Friendship at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I graduated from North Central University in 2006 with a degree in Campus Missions/Intercultural Studies. In the fall of 2007, God led me to connect with local Japanese Christians to develop focused outreach to Japanese students in Minneapolis. This led to the development of a ministry called Japanese Student Connections.

Our purpose is to develop a family like community between believers and Japanese Students. We seek to practically serve them, build influential friendships and share the gospel. I have been blessed with several committed ministry leaders who have worked to see JSC become a trusted and influential ministry within the local Japanese student community. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about supporting this exciting ministry. (Email Tilus Ministry)