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Diaspora Ministers

Liz and Paul Godwin–Seattle, Washington

We have been reaching out to international students since 1986, mostly Japanese. Our current ministry includes:

  • English Practice
  • Japanese Moms Bible Study
  • Chinese Mom’s ESL practice
  • Discovery Bible Study
  • International Christian Fellowship
  • ICF is a house church made up of 99% non- Christians.
  • Training for workers
  • RJC Conference Planning,
  • RJC Webinars
  • Returnee Follow-up in Japan
  • Connect Returnees to Missionaries and churches in Japan.


MAIL: ISI Box C, Colorado Springs, CO 80901 (Acct #383 Godwin)
EMAIL Donor Services:
CALL Donor Services: 1-800-474-8628 to set up Automatic withdrawal or Credit Card transaction.