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Tools for Ministry

Great Ministry Tools

The Search is a great Manga presentation of the gospel.

Bible Stories Hidden in Chinese Characters (Sample) A few years ago, Timothy Boyle put out a book entitled “Bible Stories Hidden In Chinese Characters” that was featured in the Japan Harvest. He has recently put it in digital format and it is available free to anyone who would like a copy. This link allows you to download the sample PDF file. He is offering the rest of the book free on his “Science-Faith” website.

The Hope:This is an awesome 80-minute movie of the Creation to Christ biblical account. In many countries, teams go out into towns and cities to show this film for winning souls to Jesus! Now the study guide is also in Japanese. Go to The Hope, go to the Japanese language selection and then to the study guide in Japanese.

Y-Jesus : An apologetic website in Japanese and other languages.

Christmas Salvation : Simple Christmas salvation message in Japanese.

Salvation Explanation : Knowing God personally salvation message in Japanese.

Four Laws : Salvation message from Japan Campus Crusade for Christ.

Jesus Video : Video of Jesus Film with Japanese voice and Japanese subtitles.

God’s Story : Video animation story of entire Bible from Creation to Christ in Japanese.

English Lessons : Free ten (10) lessons of Creation to Christ for intermediate ESL students.
RiskRider : Here is a powerful tool for suicide prevention, which also presents the gospel.

      • New Believers Ministry Tools

(Foundational Teaching/Discipling)

Second Level : Fifteen (15) Bible lessons to build a strong foundation in Christ. You can choose to print the lessons, buy the book, or use completely on-line.

Here is a new link for Japan Video Praise (DVDs of Japanese worship songs with video and lyrics). These could be great gifts for Christmas, and a good help for new Japanese Christians.

    • Advanced Bible Study

Bible Broadcast Network: BBN offers on-line courses in Japanese to help Christians grow.

Sermon’s by John Piper are available in Japanese here.

Resources for Japanese Ministry

This is a page of resource websites that include Ministry, General, Sites to share with your Japanese friends, Books and Videos, and Where to Get Supplies. Resources.

Japanese Bible



Evangelistic Website

Here is a great website to share with your Japanese friends. Mahito Oi is a Japanese graduate student at Liberty Seminary. he is studying to be a counselor and has set up a very helpful Japanese website to help Japanese who are in need of help. The top links are for those considering suicide, those struggling with depression, those with difficulty concerning pornography and those who have no faith. There is also good material that explains the gospel for beginners. Check it out at Japan for Christ!.

A Good Resource Book

Dr. Samuel Lee wrote Understanding Japan Through The Eyes of Christian Faith. We are using this book for our Japan 101. Dr. Lee has a website called Project Japan with some excellent resources. Also, his book is now in its fourth edition, less expensive and available in PDF format. (10/22/2012)

Manga Messiah

The best-selling MANGA MESSIAH is now available in Japanese. New Life League, Japan

RJC Japanese Language Blog

We are excited to expand our Japanese language notes and entries. The Japanese blog entries include a report from Pastor Yutaka Tanabe (Southern California), VIP and DNJ. 日本語のブログを見てください.

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