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Hosting a Japanese person is a tremendous opportunity to learn, to grow and to share Jesus.

Being hosted by a family who loves Jesus is a tremendous opportunity to learn, to grow and to experience Jesus’ love.

There are many organizations, Christian and secular, that can help make this happen.

Here is some very helpful homestay information.

Homestay Training Video:

Hosting A Japanese Student

Hosting a Japanese Student 101


Housing a Japanese? Don’t Panic!

Seminar presented by Roberta Stephens at the 2016 Pacific Northwest RJC Conference.

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This workshop reviews the rich experience in store for an American family when they host a Japanese student. It includes suggestions about what kind of a family should consider hosting, preparation before the student arrives, how American family customs affect the student, and preparing the heart of a student to open up to God. Suggestions will be made for fielding problems that may arise. Those who have hosted a Japanese student are welcome to share their experiences as time permits.


2005  RJC Conference Presentation Reaching Japanese Through Homestays by Simon Zeigler

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