Dear Friend,
I want to let you know that we have been offered more spaces for our 28-30 March Japan weekend near London. This is the ideal event for Christians in the UK with an interest in Japan and in seeing Japanese people become disciples of Jesus.

You may remember that this year there is a strong ‘returnee’ element – which means it will also be a brilliant opportunity for any Japanese you know to come and be equipped for potential future return to Japan, which can be a huge challenge for those who want to continue following Christ.
Your Japanese friends should feel very at home – proceedings will be around 80% bilingual, one in three of those already signed up are Japanese and many more are Japanese speakers.
So please think hard about whom you could encourage to go.

Here’s an invite with details:—information-2.pdf
… and a booking form + more details:—booking-form-2.pdf
Participants can book for the whole weekend, or just as Saturday day visitors. Other options (not shown on the booking form) are to come for the Fri+Sat, including overnight stay on Fri – or for the Sat+Sun, including overnight stay on Sat. The adult cost for either of these latter two options is £85 (or £60 for uni students).

As we are now very close to the event itself, may I ask you please to act now – as we should let the college know how many people we’d like them to feed in plenty of time for them to order in the necessary supplies!

If you live in the UK I hope you can come or can encourage along a Japanese friend who will benefit.

Sincerely in Christ

Selvan Anketell
JCL Director

Japan Christian Link –
PO Box 68
Kent TN13 2ZY
tel/fax: 01732 455453