I’ve Been Thinking

What is it that keeps us going with RJC? It certainly isn’t the pay. We all are working for no salary, and except for me, most of the leaders are busy with many other good ministries, along with RJC. And it isn’t the organization. We are not incorporated and we don’t make any financial appeals.

What makes RJC so exciting and rewarding? We do see people come to Jesus, but certainly it is not the numbers that we all yearn for.

For me it is first of all the sense that the Lord desires us to carry on with networking, conferences, classes, websites and all.

Secondly, it is that title at the top of this website “Reaching the 500,000 Japanese who are temporarily in the USA and Canada.” What a day to be alive and serve the King of the Kingdom! Our excitement and motivation is fueled by the opportunities God has given to reach out in love to Japanese who are here, who are more open to the gospel than back home, and who will be going back to Japan to help transform the nation for the King.

If you get excited like I do, there is good news for you. There are many opportunities for you to serve within RJC. Computer people, graphic artists, writers, translators, planners, preachers, teachers, hosts, and you! Let me know if you would like to get involved. Contact Don Wright.