I Remember

Actually I could have said, “I don’t remember much, but….” This happened during our earlier days of mission work in Japan, before we even dreamed of RJC. It started with an email from a pastor in Minnesota. He told of a young high school girl who had been staying at their home. She had just decided to become a Christian. Her parents had visited the pastor and his wife previously to say, “Please help our daughter become a Christian.” Then I believe the parents came a second time and they also had become Christians.

The letter asked me to go visit the parents in Tochigi Prefecture. The father was a dentist, and they were the only Christians in the whole town. I did contact them, made arrangements to visit, and headed out. It was so exciting to meet them and to pray for them and encourage them. I am afraid that I didn’t continue the relationship. I should have. I would love to know what happened to them. Is there now a church in the community, a cluster of Jesus-lovers because of God’s grace and the faithful witness of a pastor in Duluth, Minnesota?

And now we are still encouraging people to reach out, love Japanese, share Jesus, and send them back to be witnesses. That was a long time ago, but I still get excited to think of all the connections that the Lord puts together so that people, many of them in small unchurched towns and villages in Japan, will hear of His Love!

Thank you Jesus.