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Hosting Japanese Students–Training PPT

Hosting Japanese students and others is a tremendous opportunity to learn, to grow and to share Jesus.

Being hosted by a family who loves Jesus is a tremendous opportunity to learn, to grow and to experience Jesus’ love.

There are many organizations, Christian and secular, that can help make this happen.

Here is some very helpful homestay information.

Homestay Training Video:

Hosting A Japanese Student

Hosting a Japanese Student 101

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  1. David Stanley

    Wow is this a needed resource. I’ve had any number of “flops” with arranging for Christian, church connection families willing and happy to have a student in their homes for six to eight weeks in the summer…only to find the student or a number of students wanting to “move” to another family and out of their assigned family because their family wasn’t ideal in accordance with their pre-established expectations for a homestay family. Education and training need be prepared and implemented for the “American,” host families and for their incoming students! Oh, the sad stories I have to tell! THOSE STORIES ARE SAD ON/IN ALL SIDES OF THE ISSUES! There are examples of poor understanding and/or preparation both among Japanese students’ understandings of American families and, also representative examples of American understandings of Japanese students! It can become a real enigma of (lack of) realistic understandings of others.
    David Stanley
    former Teacher missionary, homestay scheduler/homestay family arranger and homestay student himself (years ago in the Kansai, Japan area).

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