Sites that you can introduce to those who are interested in Christianity:
1. Bible Broadcast Network. BBN broadcasts over the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in nine different languages. The Japanese broadcast will help seekers and Christians alike. There now is a chat service also.
2. Japan for Christ has specific pages in Japanese for those who are suffering from depression and other difficulties.

Here are a few among many organizations that are cooperating with RJC:
1. Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA)
2. Japan Evangelical Association (JEA)
3. Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (JCFN)
4. Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society (JEMS)
5. Japan Christian Link
6. The Christian Arts Network for Japan (CAN)
7. Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN)
8. Say Yes To Japan

Here are some good resource links for ministering to Japanese:
1. Japan Ministry Toolbox
2. Resources for Japanese Language Learning
3. Resources for English Language Learning
4. HGF (Hallelujah Gospel Family)
6. Indigitech has several good links for audio and visual resources in Japanese.
7. Best site for finding Japanese Bibles and other literature: Multilanguage Media
8. Project Japan. This site contains much of the information from Dr. Samuel Lee’s book, Understanding Japan Through The Eyes Of The Christian Faith.
9. Gospel Japan (Japanese)
10.Let’s Love Japan is a non-profit ministry that shares the Gospel of Jesus with Japan using entertainment media. It is currently working on an innovative project that uses mobile phones and animation as witnessing tools. Let’s Love Japan.
11. BBN now has a Japanese Bible Institute for on-line study!.
12. Reaching Internationals
Includes “Dos and Don’ts for Japanese,” “Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: Japanese,” “How to share the Love of God with Japanese,” and “Japanese Fast Facts.”

Where are Japanese churches?

1. JEMS list for USA Churches

2. The United Church of Canada Ethnic Congregations These include non-Japanese churches.

3. Japanese Churches Outside of Japan List (Japanese)

4. Church Information Service (Japanese)

For many more links please see Organizations.