Jesus, Japanese and Hawaii

Date: January 19, 2008

Place: Makiki Christian Church

Keynote Address: Touching Hawaii and Japan for Christ
Setsu Kuroda, Director of JCFN

Main Speaker: Setsu Kuroda, Director of JCFN (Japanese Christian Fellowship Network)

Setsu Kuroda was born and raised in a pastor’s family in Kishiwada, Osaka, She confessed faith in Jesus at the age of 10 and wanted to devote herself to serve the Lord, but until she graduated from college, her actions did not reflect her faith. From the time she was 15 years old and her family moved to Hawaii, Setsu has lived in the U.S She was involved in evangelizing international students as a high school student and went on to study at Fuller Seminary rededicated herself to the Lord during Urbana and was led to JCFN where shehas been a full-time staff worker since 1994.

JCFN is an evangelical Christian network which seeks to conduct and promote the follow up of primarily Japanese Christians and seekers of God, who move from Japan to a foreign country and back again and who have requested an introduction to a fellowship or church.

Plenary Panel Presentation: From the First Contact to Their Return to Japan.

Panel Members:

Setsu Kuroda, International Director of Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (JCFN)

Shinji Seki, Pastor of Honolulu Christian Church

Makito Watanabe, Pastor of Olivet Baptist Church

Don Wright, Facilitator/Chairman of RJC

An opportunity to explore the whole process from how to make contact with Japanese who come to Hawaii, how to share Christ in love, how to prepare them as they return to Japan, and then making sure that they will find a friendly church home.

Breakout Sessions – An Opportunity to Learn and Connect.

1. Culture and Religions of Japan

Understanding Japanese culture and religions can open up new opportunities for relating to Japanese people in love. Saku Kuroda is the pastor of the Makiki Christian Church, Japanese Ministry.

2. Tools for the Trade in Reaching Japanese for Christ

In order to effectively share Jesus with Japanese we need to know our message, know our people and know our limitations. Nancy and Yokichi Suzuki served for 33 years as SEND International missionaries in Japan. They were involved with church planting, university student ministry and administration.

3. Preparing and Connecting Returnees

Providing returnees with follow up care and connecting them to a community of believers back in Japan is as important as their salvation. We will cover the major areas where they need to be prepared. Setsu Kuroda spent the first 15 years of her life in Japan, before moving to Hawaii. She now serves as the international director of Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (JCFN).

4. Partnering to better share Jesus

This will be an opportunity to brainstorm and cast vision concerning what God would desire of us. There are enormous opportunities to reach out to Japanese who are here temporarily. Even though our individual resources might be small, by joining together we can make an enormous impact.. Don Wright served as church-planting missionaries in Japan with the Baptist General Conference from 1969 to 2004. He is chairman/facilitator of RJC.

Round Table Presentations

1. Dance/Hula Ministry

Dance is as integral to worship as singing or playing instruments to the Lord. How to integrate dance into ministry for the glory of God will be the theme of this presentation. Deborah Barbour is the president of Tsedhaqah, International Dance Company.

2. English Bible Class

Since many Japanese are eager to learn English and have an interest in the Bible, this provides a great opportunity to combine the two. How to organize a class along with teaching principles. JoAnn Wright served in Japan as a missionary along with her husband, Don, for 35 years.

3. English Conversation Ministry

Japanese want to learn English, and many come to Hawaii to learn the language. So this is an important tool to help them and also share Jesus. Joel Weaver is the Director of Intercultural Communications College and teaches professional development courses in English as a Second Language to public school teachers throughout Hawaii and the Pacific.

4. Principles behind “God’s Fingerprints in Japan #2”

The DVD “God’s Fingerprints in Japan #2 has just recently been released. It seeks to expand on the first DVD showing that God is not just the God of West, but is also the God of the Japanese. Daniel Kikawa is the president of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries and has been researching cross-cultural issues for over 20 years.

5. J-Mini Ministry

New Hope Christian Fellowship has a variety of ministries to reach out to Japanese including translation, resources, discipleship and fellowship. Erika Kawamoto leads the Japanese ministry at New Hope.

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