Early Days of RJC, by Liz Godwin

April 2, 2009)
During the summer of 2000 my husband Paul and I went to Japan to serve for two weeks at Minami Urawa Church. While out in the August heat of Japan we sought refuge in an air conditioned cafe. Over ice tea our missionary friend, Don Wright stated, “I’d like to network with others like you who are working with Japanese in the States.” Upon returning home, I called our friend, John Whitehouse with CCC, to ask if he would be interested in helping with a conference to train and network with others working with Japanese in the States. He said “Yes”. I then emailed Don Wright in Japan and we then started planning our first RJC, via conference call, to be launched in Feb. 2001.

In Feb. 2001 the first RJC Conference took place at Northshore Baptist in Bothell. The purpose was to network, encourage and equip those involved in ministering to Japanese. Almost 100 attended from the west coast of the US and Canada, and even Japan! In April of 2002 RJC2 attracted a similar group and the evaluations were high. The majority felt that this kind of event should take place each year.