This past week I was blessed to visit Chicago and Detroit to represent RJC and spend what I thought was going to be a short vacation with a long time friend and supporter. RJC was working with JCFN to put on a conference for a small group of servants reaching Japanese in the Detroit, Michigan area of the country. One church has a couple hundred Japanese coming to their ESL, cooking classes etc., each year. We had a wonderful time at the conference on June 7 as we were blessed by veteran Missionaries and Japanese Pastors, Doug Whittet and Rev. Manabu Nishikori and others. But what really blessed me was how God put the rest of my trip together.

My trip to Chicago was merely a distraction from my real purpose in going to the area. At least that’s what I thought. God however had a very specific reason for sending me there.

When my friend in Illinois heard I was coming he told me of a group of believers in a church in Rochelle, IL, just 20 miles away, that had asked for prayer because of an opportunity to reach a number of Japanese men who had moved into their town to work in a company. On top of the 35 or so staying in the local hotel, there are 50 more coming soon! They wanted to be a blessing to these men in a number of ways, and also share the love of Christ. When they found out that I was coming, we worked it out for me to come and share with them. They were so excited to have help! More than anything the time was beneficial because of the resources I was able to recommend to them. For instance, did you know that 1.) RJC Academy offers a Japan 101 online class that can increase your understanding of the Japanese by many fold, especially if you are just starting out. 2.) You can also access a vast breadth of experience by listening to the seminars from our many conferences, online! 3.) I gave them Bible study ideas and about 4.) 50 Books of Hope (The whole story of Jesus in Scripture in English and Japanese). 5.) JCFN is also a phenomenal resource for connecting the Japanese leaving America to churches back in their home towns in Japan. 6.) Read the next paragraph!

There is much more to the story of just how God had prepared the people of this church, going back years. The next night I met with some of our faithful friends in Chicago and was blessed by the things they were able and willing to offer our new friends! I confirmed that we were willing to help these dear servants in any way we can!

All this simply reminds me that there are so many people out there with a heart to reach the Japanese business men, families and students and we can only help them if we know about them. Please be sure and let us know if you know of anyone like this. Together we can reach and win the Japanese for Christ!