Date:February 27-March 1, 2014

Place: Northshore Baptist Church, Bothell, Washington

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Conference Plenary Sessions

 Steve Cioccolanti

Steve Cioccolanti Introduction:

Steve is a Christian author, prolific teacher of God’s Word, and pastor of Discover Church in Melbourne, Australia. He was born in Thailand to a family of Buddhists, Catholics, Methodists and Muslims. Having traveled to more than 30 countries, Steve is a sought after speaker on current topics like Christianity & Buddhist Philosophy, Discovering God in Pluralistic Society, Fulfilling Your God-given Destiny, and Unlocking End Time Prophecy.

Thursday Night Plenary Session

How to talk to a Buddhist about Christ


Hirokazu Matsuoka Introduction:

Matsuoka, Hirokazu was born in Tokyo as a son of a Buddhist priest, and began working as a Buddhist priest while at university. After graduation, he continued his Buddhist studies, abroad in South Korea. Invited by another Japanese student to attend a local church’s Christmas gathering, he felt he could try church once, since he was overseas, so he went. After becoming a Christian, he left the Buddhist priesthood and now serves as an evangelist and pastor of Nozomi Church in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. He is the author of “Buddhist Priest Meets Jesus.”

Buddhism and Christianity (Japanese/English)

Buddhism and Christianity (Japanese only)


Conference Seminar Sessions


Dan Iverson Introduction:

Dan has served as a church planter in Japan with Mission to the World (PCA) for 27 years. The MTW Tokyo/Chiba team has worked with their Japanese pastor partners to plant a number of growing, reproducing churches in E. Tokyo/Chiba, and now in Tokyo City Center. Dan was the founding pastor for Oyumino Christ Church in Chiba in 1992. The Church has 3 sites and 5 worships each Sunday, over 70 cell groups. Dan also serves as MTW Director for the 6 MTW church planting teams in Japan.

How The Gospel of Grace Meets The Needs of Japanese

When Catholic missionary St Francis Xavier came to Japan in 1549, he reportedly said that he had found the world’s
best people group. When evangelical missionary Dan Iverson arrived in Japan in 1986, he thought the same thing.
But that Japanese “goodness” and dependence on self is opposite to the gospel. The hard work ethic and pressure
to succeed, etc, is also behind so much of the epidemic-like depression, hikikomori, suicide, family disfunction, etc. The gospel message that “You are accepted based not on your performance, but in The Performance of Another in your place” is the need of the hour for hurting Japan. This seminar will address how The Gospel of Jesus and the cross particularly addresses the Japanese people at their place of greatest need.


Daniel Kikawa Introduction:

Daniel has been researching cross-cultural issues for over 20 years. He has taught thousands of missionaries on every continent. He also serves as president of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries which produced the DVD, God’s Fingerprints in Japan.

Difficult Cultural Practices Christians Face in Japan

What Cultural Practices Can a Christian Do in Japan? Practical application exercises on what to do in difficult
cultural situations. e.g. A Japanese father tells his eldest Christian son that, if he will not take care of the Butsudan, he has no respect for the Japanese people, his ancestors or his parents, so he will never hear the Gospel from such a disrespectful son. What should this son do?


Ken Milhous Introduction:

Ken is a missionary with Converge Worldwide, reaching Japanese in the United States, primarily Boston, where he pastors the Boston Japanese Christian Church. He also serves as the Director of Japanese Ministry in the U.S. for Converge Worldwide. He was raised in Japan as the son of missionaries, living in Nagoya for a majority of his time there.

Successfully Connect Your Returnees to Churches in Japan

Many of the Japanese we come in contact with will return to Japan. When they return, will they continue on the path of faith? Without preparation, many may not. We will consider ideas on how to prepare them before they return, and beyond.


Nate Mirza Introduction:

Nate grew up in Iran’s Assyrian Christian community and was educated in India before coming to the United States as an international student. In
1955, he entered into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as a freshman at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. He is currently Senior Field Staff of The Navigators International Student Ministry. Nate lives in Colorado Springs and has two married daughters and four grandchildren.

What Returnees Need Before They Return to Japan

Many of the Japanese we come in contact with will return to Japan. When they return, will they continue on the path of faith? Without preparation, many may not. We will consider ideas on how to prepare them before they return, and beyond.


Takako Molgard Introduction:

Served at Japan Evangelical Churches as an assistant pastor since 2000. Engaged in church planting and student counselor at Kansai Bible Institute.
She came to Seattle, U.S. in 2006 and started a church plant under Horizon Church in lower Queen Anne since 2008. In addition to pastoral work, doing marriage counseling and inner healing ministry (counseling for freedom).

Transformation of the Inner Man



Paul Nethercott Introduction:

Paul has served in a variety of ministries in Japan for over twenty-five years. When the huge earthquake hit Japan in March of 2011, within three days he began doing PR work for CRASH Japan — a Tokyo based disaster relief organization. He was responsible for fundraising and producing CRASH Japan’s media.

While on a trip to the disaster zone for CRASH he met and interviewed two former Yakuza who were doing volunteer work with a local church. Hearing their stories inspired him get to work on making 2 Criminals, a feature-length film in Japanese due for release in 2015. Website:

Using The Arts To Reach Japanese For Christ

Paul will present examples of effective arts related outreach to Japanese and ideas on how to implement arts related outreach to Japanese in your context.


Steve Sakanashi Introduction:

President of Sekai Creator, an international business program for students. He is
also a partner at Labs8, a company that focuses on launching startups. Prior to these ventures, Steve served as
a founding staff member of Mars Hill University District in Seattle. Steve is passionate about making Christ
known through developing the next generation of Japanese business leaders. In September 2014, Steve will move
to Tokyo with his wife and son to expand Sekai Creator and serve as an elder in a church plant.

Sekai Creator – Developing Japan’s Future Leaders Internship Program

Steve will share the story behind starting Sekai Creator, an international business program for Japanese students, and provide a template for creating similar ministries. He will walk through the process of discovery and creation involved in Sekai Creator, share stories of God’s work, and answer questions related to the ministry. This seminar will be most helpful for Americans with business experience or connections to other Christians in business.


Ryoichi Takeda Introduction:

竹田亮一 1965年に福岡市の鳥飼バプテスト教会においてクリスチャンとなり受洗しました。牧会経験は1975年からですが、77年からは北米で、そのほとんどはカナダ人、アメリカ人教会での牧会です。1997年からは、ワシントン州ブレイン市のBlaine Christian Fellowshipでの牧会です。Vancouver (BC)にあるRegent Collegeの卒業生です(‘90)。家族は、妻(Lydia – オランダ人/カナダ人)と子供二人です。 I became a Christian, and was baptized at Torikai Baptist Church, Fukuoka in 1965. I amcurrently pastor of Blaine Christian Fellowship (non-denominational) in Blaine, WA (since 1997).

Challenges of Being Christian in Non-Christian Cultures

Everyone is born into a culture and is raised in it. His/her culture is norm (even best and correct) to him. We are living in a various cultures. None of us is living in a vacuum. What does the sovereignty of God mean in the culture of democracy? American Christianity is greatly influenced by American culture and its values. Should we transplant American Christianity to Japan? How should we prepare young Christians who have become believers in America, and now going back to Japan? What are they expecting or looking for?

クリスチャンと文化背 Christianity and Cultural Context (Japanese only)


Kevin Ueta

Kevin Ueta Introduction:

I’ve been serving as the Student Ministries Pastor at the Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto since 2007. My passion for Japanese ministries first started on my first trip to Japan and Okinawa by myself in 2000. God used the experiences on that trip to ignite a passion to reach out to the Japanese with the hope of the message of the gospel. My current vision is to see students of this generation being equipped for God’s Kingdom work as vibrant disciples of Christ wherever they may go.

Engaging In The Personhood of Christ: Missional Framework for Student Ministry

Kevin Ueta 2014 presentation Kevin Ueta 2014 handoutKevin Ueta 2014 handout
As disciples of Christ we should not only be concerned about developing Christ-like attitudes but we should also be engaged with the work and the mission that He was passionately pursuing. We will be exploring how the mission of God through Christ can help provide a framework for ministries that work with students.


Mike Yokoy Introduction:

Yumiko is my wife. We have six children all grown up. We came originally from Japan in
1983, and we have been the pastor of Japanese International Baptist Church, Oregon for 30 years.
日本インターナショナルバプテスト教会牧師をして30年になります。 教会成長とは何か:どのようにして30

教会成長とは何か:どのようにして30年で20倍のサイズになったのか – (Japanese)