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Seminar Speakers and Topics

Araki, Izumi 荒木泉 ,  Film,A Way To Share The Gospel: How To Read Story/culture And Converse With Non-Christians, 映画:物語と文化を読み、どんな会話をするのか・・・アウトリーチのあり方を考える.

Ayatsuka, Rocky & Marla 綾塚ロッキー、マーラ, Trim Healthy Mama:  Food, Fun, and Fellowship, (Eng/Jp); Taking the Gospel to Kids!, (Eng/Jp) .

Birkner, Dawn,  Exploring Long-Term Or Short-Term Service In Unchurched Parts Of Japan (Eng). 

Chito, Fumi 千東 史和 (フミ),  The Philosophy Of A Welcoming Church,「歓迎する教会」の哲学 (Eng/Jp). 

Daniel, Richard, How To Use Digital Evangelism With The Church To Reach Young Japanese (Eng).

 Hymes, David デイビッド・ハイムス,  The Book Of Ecclesiastes and Japanese 「伝道の書」と日本人  (Eng/Jp). 

 Kasagawa, Michito 笠川路人, New Wine, New Wineskins: Sports Ministry For A New Generation, 「新しいぶどう酒は新しい革袋に」次世代向けスポーツミニストリーの一事例 (Eng/Jp).  

Masters, Rebecca and Jan Roth,  Noriko And The Beanstalk, (Eng). 

Medina, Jose,  What Does Japanese Ministry Look Like In Your City? (Eng). 

Nakamura, Richard,  Spiritual Realities In Japan, (Eng).

Nishikori, Manabu 錦織 学, Is There A Japanized Christianity And An Americanized Christianity? 「『日本のキリスト教』と『アメリカのキリスト教』ってあるの?」 (Eng/Jp).

Parker, Marty,  Apologetic Signposts (Eng). 

Peabody, Roberta,  Missionary 101 (Eng). 

 Pohl, Mayumi  ポール真弓,  The Japanese Christian Identity 日本人クリスチャンのアイデンティティーについて考える (Jp).

Shimizu, Setsu, How To Help Prepare Your Friends For A Life Back In Japan As A Follower Of Christ (Eng).

Stoller, Ron & Joan,   Outreach Methods That Seemed To WORK And NOT WORK To Reach Japanese For Christ In Japan And In The USA (Eng/Jp).

   Araki, Izumi荒木泉After working many years in Japan and UK in ministry, currently working as a missionary at International Field Returnees adviser at ISMC. Graduated from Regent college, she continues to take part in Theology through Arts which also tackles how to cultivate culture and reading the culture. Director of Damah international film festival, writer, and artist. 日本とイギリスでミニストリーをし、現在はISMCの宣教師として帰国者アドバイザーをしている。リージェントカレッジ時代から芸術と神学の研究とそれに欠かせない文化耕作と文化を読むという事に取り組んでいる。ライター、アーティストでもあり、ダマー国際映画祭のディレクターを勤めている。

Film, A Way To Share The Gospel: How To Read Story/culture And Converse With Non-Christians, 映画:物語と文化を読み、どんな会話をするのか・・・アウトリーチのあり方を考える    

Can we watch an ordinary film and share the Gospel in the non-threatening way? Does it have to be the “Christian film”?

How do we engage in the “story” make the conversation on the whole different level? Japanese has the culture of “Kamima-miru (see in hiding thing in between). If so how we can have a meaningful conversation with them? This seminar will give you ideas and cultivate the ways to reach out and attract people to the Christian thought without being on their face but help to build the next conversation. 本当にクリスチャン映画でなければ、福音を伝えることができないのでしょうか?一般的な映画を通して意味深い会話をすることは可能なのでしょうか?日本人は「垣間見る」という文化を持っていることを踏まえて、私たちはどのように福音を伝えているでしょうか?このセミナーでは、どのような「普通の映画」の見方や会話の仕方があるのかを考えるのと同時に、物語を私たちクリスチャンが読み、クリスチャンとして対話ができるのかを考えます。  (Eng/Jp)

Ayatsuka, Rocky & Marla 綾塚ロッキー、マーラ are music evangelists and church planters based in Kitakyushu, Japan.  They’ll travel wherever they are asked to go to share the Gospel through music, and they lead a small church plant called Bible Family Fellowship Kitakyushu, and other Bible studies and outreach ministries. They are passionate about Jesus, leading a life of worship, the church (the body of Christ, not a building), and each other.

Trim Healthy Mama:  Food, Fun, and Fellowship,  トリムヘルシーママ フード、ファン、フエロシップ 

 In 2015, Marla lost 17 kilos when she discovered a healthy way of eating that is healing, and biblically based called Trim Healthy Mama!  As of fall 2018, Marla is a certified THM coach and continues to use the teachings of THM to reach out to more Japanese women where they learn about the God who made us and the foods he made us to enjoy through cooking classes and seminars!  This seminar will teach you the basics of the THM lifestyle AND help you understand how cooking classes are a great way to connect with the Japanese and bring them into Christian fellowship! 2015年、トリムヘルシーママという聖書からとったヘルシーな食事の取り方を始めたマーラは17キロ減量に成功し、ヘルシーになりました。2018年秋にはTHMのコーチの資格を取り、この素晴らしい食べ方を続けながら、神様が私たちを造ってくれたこと、食べ物もエンジョイしながらヘルシーな生活ができることを伝えるべくセミナーやクッキングクラスをしている。このセミナーでは、THMのライフスタイルのベーシックなところや料理を通してどうやって伝道できるかを学びます。 (Eng/Jp)

Taking The Gospel To Kids, グッドニュースを子どもたちへ! 

For more than 15 years Rocky and Marla have been reaching out to kids through English and Bible ministry opportunities.  Summer Bible and English (VBS), English Circle (preschool), After School Club (elementary), Stream of Praise Kids choir, Kids Bible studies and Kids English classes have all been tools to reach out to, evangelize, and disciple kids and their families.  In this seminar, we will share how we structured each of these kinds of kids ministries and facilitate discussion on how you can use English and Bible to reach kids through your ministry as well.

グッドニュースを子どもたちへ! 英会話や聖書の学び会を通して子どもたちへ福音を伝える働き15年のロッキーとマーラ。Bible and Englishサマースクール、英語サークル、アフタースクールクラブ(ASK)、SOP キッズクワイア、子供のバイブルタイム、英会話などを使って子どもたちにアウトリーチ、伝道、クリスチャンの訓練をしている。こうしたいろんな働きをどんなふうにしているのか、みんなでディスカッションをしましょう!   (Eng/J)   


   Birkner, Dawn is the director or Reaching Japanese Together (  She also leads the Rural Japan Church Planting Network (  Her primary ministry is leading a church plant in North Coastal Iwate in the towns of Iwaizumi, Tanohata, Fudai, and Noda. She has been serving as a rural church planter in Japan for the last 17 years


Exploring Long-Term or Short-Term Service in Unchurched Parts of Japan,  Learn how to touch the areas in rural Japan still lacking gospel access.  For those considering future long-term service in Japan; retirees, gap year students, or others considering mid-term service; or those from Japan  or who frequently travel to Japan to visit relatives or for business and thus have the potential to take or lead recurrent short-term mission trips, learn about the journey to long-term or recurrent short-term service, concrete opportunities, and how to prepare to serve in the unchurched areas of Japan, which are all rural.   (Eng)

   Chito, Fumi 千東 史和 (フミ) was born in Osaka. In 2004 he started Crossroad Nishinomya Church in Hyogo Prefecture, which he pastors today. The church strives to be the “Most welcoming church in Japan.” His family includes his wife, son in college, and daughter in high school. 大阪生まれ。2004年に西宮にて「西宮クロスロード教会」を開拓し現在に至る。家族は妻と大学生の息子と高校生の娘。西宮クロスロード教会は「日本で一番ウェルカムする教会」を目指しています。

The Philosophy Of A Welcoming Church, 歓迎する教会」の哲学 Jesus came and gave his life so that outsiders might be welcomed into His family. As we gather as a church, how can we make our gatherings as welcoming as possible? What are the values and behaviors of a welcoming church? How can we become a welcoming church? 主イエスは、Outsiderたちを神の国、神の家族にinするため、歓迎するために、ご自身の命さえ惜しまず与えられました。私たちが「教会・キリストの体」として集まる時、どのようにそれを体現すればいいのでしょう?そしてその根底に流れる基本的思考は?教会はどのようにすれば、Welcoming Churchになるのでしょう?  (Eng/Jp)

   Daniel, Richard  is a Director of Christian Vision Australia based on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. He is also a Director of CMAA (Christian Media. Arts Australia) the Industry Body Association for Christian Media in Australia. His interest in Media goes back a long way from ownership of local Radio stations, CV has a strong digital presence in Japan doing several years of research and marketing, we have a global ministry to help Christians share the Gospel and for the local church to grow which is so needed in Japan. 

How To Use Digital Evangelism With The Church To Reach Young Japanese What is the real concern of the family back in Japan? We will discuss this important issue, and see how the returnee can respond to that family concern. Q & A time will also be an important part of the hour.  (Eng)

   Hymes, David デイビッド・ハイムス is an Associate Professor of Old Testament and Intercultural Studies at Northwest University. Dr.  Hymes and his wife, Anna have been missionaries to Japan and the Philippines for the past 26 years. He teaches Old Testament courses such as Israelite Monarchy, the book of Isaiah, and Old Testament History and Literature as well as Intercultural Studies classes including History of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology here at Northwest.  

   The Book Of Ecclesiastes and Japanese 「伝道の書」と日本人  (Eng/Jp) 

It will be argued that the book of Ecclesiastes has been one of the favorites for Japanese Christians. Furthermore, Ecclesiastes has often functioned as a theological bridge to Japanese thought. Special emphasis will be placed on the use of Ecclesiastes in the writings of Seizō Sekine, professor of ethics and Hebrew Bible at the University of Tokyo, Japan.  

  Kasagawa, Michito 笠川路人 Assistant Pastor of Ibaraki Bible Church (Osaka, Japan) He was born in Saitama as a son of a minister’s family. After ten years of experience in the business field, he moved to Canada to study theology at Regent College. Currently, he works at a church in Osaka as an assistant pastor and directs an English teaching ministry and sports ministry. 茨木聖書教会 伝道師


   New Wine, New Wineskins: Sports Ministry For A New Generation, 「新しいぶどう酒は新しい革袋に」次世代向けスポーツミニストリーの一事例 (Eng/Jp)   In 2016, we started a futsal (indoor soccer) team and entered into the 3rd league of Osaka Futsal Federation. There were many challenges to do this ministry for a local church in order to successfully reach out to a new generation as a mission. This seminar will show three years of my experiences leading this ministry, and how I cooperate with overseas churches and returnee ministries.  2016年からフットサルチームを立ち上げ、大阪府フットサルリーグ(3部)に参入しました。地域教会にとって、次世代に対する伝道を成功させるために、このミニストリーを続けるのには多くのチャレンジがありました。このセミナーでは3年間のミニストリー経験を共有し、どのように海外教会とリターニー向けの宣教活動と協力しているかについてお話ししたいと思います。 


Masters, Rebecca and Roth, Jan Rebecca served in Japan from 1996 to 2003. Now she serves as Director of International Ministry at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Walled Lake, Michigan. She currently teaches the Beginning English and Bible Classes and works together with her amazing team to continue to do effective ministry to those that God brings to our classes. Jan has served as Assistant Director since 2013. She oversees all children’s classes from babies to Preschool, leads the Conversation and Cooking classes, and is staff liaison for the Evening classes.  

   Noriko And The Beanstalk, (Eng)  The St. Matthew team will share how God has given us magic beans (the Holy Spirit obviously) to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of the Japanese (and others) that He has brought to our church.  This is a great seminar for anyone that is not native Japanese but has a heart to reach the Japanese where they are at.  English only….although we’ll throw some Japanese words in there sporadically to explain some things.


  Medina, Jose Jose moved to Japan after college and served as a missionary in Japan for two years. While there he helped plant a church in the center of Tokyo and helped with student ministry on several different campuses. Jose lives with his beautiful wife Miki (from Saitama) in San Antonio, TX. Jose and Miki lead a monthly group of Japanese that live in San Antonio. 

   What Does Japanese Ministry Look Like In Your City? (Eng)  Exploring the various ways you can engage Japanese in your city, while intentionally including the Gospel in a meaningful and relevant way. (Eng)

   Nakamura, Richard  He was raised in a Buddhist family but came to Christ at age 19. He and his family served in Japan as a SEND missionary since 1989. Now they live in the Seattle area, cooperating with the Japanese churches in the area, and leading multiple Bible classes.  

   Spiritual Realities In Japan, (Eng)  The Japanese are listed as the second largest unreached people group.  Why is evangelism so difficult in Japan?  We will explore some of the reasons why. 

 Nishikori, Manabu 錦織 学 After graduating from Tokyo Bible Seminary and serving as an assistant pastor at the Tokyo Bible Seminary Church, he moved to the United States in 1992, studying at Bethel Theological Seminary, Emory University, and Drew University. From 1997 he has been the pastor of the New Jersey Japanese Christian Church. 東京聖書学院卒業後、東京聖書学院教会の副牧師として奉仕したあと、1992年に渡米、ベテル神学校、エモリー大学、ドゥルー大学で学ぶ。1997年からニュージャージー日本語キリスト教会の牧師。

   Is There A Japanized Christianity And An Americanized Christianity? 「『日本のキリスト教』と『アメリカのキリスト教』ってあるの?」 (Eng/Jp) Shusaku Endo, in Silence, states that “Even if you plant the sapling called ‘Christianity’ in the swamp called ‘Japan’, the roots will begin to rot”. Does our faith become something different in the soil called “Japan”? How do we reply to this message? We would like to think about this together. 「キリスト教という苗を日本という沼地に植えても、根が腐っていく」と遠藤周作は「沈黙」の中で述べています。日本という土壌の中で、私たちの信仰は違ったものになってしまうのか?このメッセージに、私たちはどのように答えるでしょうか?一緒に考えていきたいと思います。(Eng/Jp)

   Parker, Marty is a consultant specializing in conversational evangelism. He is the President of Stairway Division, a nonprofit, which promotes the propagation of the Gospel among Japanese Diaspora and Portlanders. Marty teaches a weekly Monday night class on Apologetics at Bethel Assembly (PDX), and the last Sunday of each month at the Japanese Fellowship (Portland Christian Center).  

   Apologetic Signposts (Eng)  Utilizing the tools of apologetics, this seminar identifies specific Japanese historical distinctions which contribute to endemic apathy toward the Gospel. Tips on surfacing objections to the Gospel are covered in this teaching.

 Peabody, Roberta went to Japan as a full-time missionary in 1991, having been greatly influenced by her time as a short-termer after college. Initially, she worked in a local Japanese church and in Christian Publishing, Since 2011 she has been working with JCFN in returnee ministry in the Tokyo area. 

   Missionary 101 (Eng)  What are some of the realities of finding a mission agency that suits you.  How to navigate support raising. What is your home base?  Are you the only Christian in your family? 

 Pohl, Mayumi<./a>  ポール真弓 has served as the president of Second Level Ministry since 2006. The ministry has been expanded by God’s guidance, with the vision of raising disciples of Christ. The Lord has blessed her with four children and one husband. 

   The Japanese Christian Identity 日本人クリスチャンのアイデンティティーについて考える (Jp)  We have been saved and have become children of God. And on one hand we are growing by Christ, and yet we struggle to understand what it means to be a Japanese with our value system and basic cultural values and hold to our identity in Christ. We will explore our basic Japanese thinking patterns and point out the Biblical differences that need to guide us. 私たちは救われて神の子とされました。神の恵みによって日々成長させられている反面、私たちに深く根付く日本人としての価値観、あるいは古い性質は、ときに「キリストにあるアイデンティティー」について理解することを困難にします。このセミナーでは、日本人の思考構造を理解することによって、聖書的価値観との違いを認め、真理に従っていくことを共に学びます。

 Shimizu, Setsu spent the first 15 years of her life in Japan, before moving to Hawaii. She now serves as the North America Director of Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (JCFN). She has ministered with JCFN for 25 years. 

   How To Help Prepare Your Friends For A Life Back In Japan As A Follower Of Christ (Eng) As we all know, most of our Japanese friends who come in touch with us and the Gospel will eventually return to JapanWith or without our help, they would face challenges as new (or old) Christians/seekers.  However, we can help them put their walk in Kingdom perspectives and give them much needed practical tips and resources.  How do we do that? 

  Stoller, Ron & Joan Ron went to Japan in 1973 as a short term missionary with the North American Baptist Mission to teach English.  After meeting Joan Youngquist who was a daughter of Baptist General Mission missionaries, they married in Kobe, Japan and were involved in Student Evangelism outreach with NAB for 17 years. They then transitioned into church planting for 20 years until retirement in 2014. 

   Outreach Methods That Seemed To WORK And NOT WORK To Reach Japanese For Christ In Japan And In The USA (Eng/Jp)  From our experiences of over 40 years as a couple plus 25 years of Joan’s single life  in Japan, we want to share ways we used to reach out to the Japanese and see how they came to a relationship with Christ.  We will also discuss methods that seemed to work and others that didn’t work to bring the Gospel to the Japanese.  私達は日本で40年間宣教師を務め、家内は1950年から日本に住んだり学校に務めたり、退職して地元オレゴンに帰って日本人と関わり、退職後毎年日本でのボランデア伝道活動の様々な伝道法と経験を参考に、分かち合いたいと思います。