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2019 RJC International Conference


Theme: Seeking and Finding the Lord; Abroad and Back Home 「主を探し求め、そして発見する・・・海外でも、日本でも」イザヤ書55:6、使徒の働き17:26-27- Isaiah 55:6, Acts 17:26-27
Pre-Conference Theme: How Do We Share the Gospel with Japanese? 日本人と福音を分かち合うには?

Pre-Conference Message by Fumi Chito
Pre-Conference Message by Manabu Nishikori
Pre-Conference Panel Discussion

Conference Testimonies

  Keishi Kasuya

Michito Kasagawa

Kaori Goto

Conference Seminar Recordings

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Pre-Conference Message
Thursday Night Message
Friday Night Message
千東 史和 (フミ) Fumikazu (Fumi) Chito
大阪生まれ。大学生の時、「神戸バイブルフェローシップ」に通い始め、キリストの福音と教会の麗しさに心酔する。数年後に、ワーシップリーダーとして、またシングルス(独身者)担当牧師として仕え始める。2004年に西宮にて「西宮クロスロード教会」を開拓し現在に至る。家族は妻と大学生の息子と高校生の娘。趣味は裏庭での家族や友人とのBBQ。 西宮クロスロード教会は「日本で一番ウェルカムする教会」を目指しています。
Born in Osaka. As a college student, he began attending Kobe Bible Fellowship, falling in love with the Gospel of Christ and the beauty of the church. Several years later, he began serving there as Worship Leader and Pastor to singles. In 2004, he planted Crossroad Nishinomiya Church in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, which he pastors to this day. His family includes his wife, son in college, and daughter in high school. He likes BBQ’s in the backyard with his family and friends. Crossroad Nishinomiya strives to be the “ Most welcoming church in Japan”.

Pre-Conference Message
Friday Morning Message
Saturday Afternoon Message
錦織 学 Manabu Nishikori

Born in Osaka. At the age of 4, he moved to Kiba in Tokyo and grew up at the Holiness Fukagawa Christian Church. After graduating from Tokyo Bible Seminary and serving as an assistant pastor at the Tokyo Bible Seminary Church, he moved to the United States in 1992, studying at Bethel Theological Seminary, Emory University, and Drew University. From 1997, he has been the pastor of the New Jersey Japanese Christian Church.
Born into a pastor’s household, he grew up a “honors Christian”, however, as a college student, he recognized the hypocrisy within himself. As he struggled with this, through words from a pastor, he met Jesus Christ on a personal basis. Overwhelmed by God’s love, he received a mission to proclaim that love. He likes weather forecasting and thinking about programs for children. Recently, he has been hooked on roasting his own coffee and crabbing.