2017 Oregon Conference Morning Plenary Session

Testimony:Kimiko Kotsugi
Regaining the Field Speaker-Richard Nakamura

Afternoon Plenary Session

Japanese International Baptist Church Choir in Tigard, Oregon
Testimony: Noriko Fukada
Richard Nakamura: Increasing the Workers

2017 Oregon Conference Seminars

Understanding The Japanese Mind by Dan Brannen and Ron Stoller

In this seminar we attempt to get a deeper understanding of some traditional principles that shape Japanese thinking and drive Japanese behavior. Although these characteristics may be true in other cultures as well they seem to be “more true” or extraordinarily so among Japanese.
Two Downloads used in seminar:
Understanding the Japanese Mind[1]
Japanese Mind PP

Conversational ESL Ministry by Tom and Lois Kramer

This seminar helps you understand conversational ESL Key examples of what can be meaningfully done. Receive encouragement for you to get involved.

Conversational ESL seminar agenda, 11-4-’17

Three downloadable ESL lesson plans:
HONESTY – ESL Oct. 22+24,07
Halloween and Other Scary Things- Oct. 29+31 ’07

The Role of Hospitality in the Great Commission (#1) & The Joy of Hosting (#2) by Danielle Parker & Roberta Stephens

What is hospitality to God; and what role did He intend for it to play in the Great Commission? How and where you can effectively add the ingredient of hospitality to our evangelistic strategies and efforts.

# 2 What a host family will gain from hosting and what does home-stay in a Christian home can do for a Japanese visitor. How can a host family prepare themselves for hosting? How can barriers be turned into bridges?

Writing Short Stories by Marty Parker

Writing short stories is about identifying a problem or virtue in Japanese Culture, then writing a short story that explains how the issue is fulfilled, affirmed, or solved by Jesus Christ. The student can share their story wherever God leads (i.e., conversations, art, literature, film, etc…) in the Japanese context. The goal is to create interest in the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Japanese Society.

What You Can Do Before and After You Say Sayonara by Yoshiki Saeki

Did you know that Japanese are 30 times more receptive to the Gospel OUTSIDE of Japan? (No scientific proof.) However, when they return, 70-80% disappear from Christian fellowship. We can do something about this! We need to be proactive not only in evangelizing them, but in preparing them for their lives in Japan so that when they return, they don’t become survivors of faith but become ambassadors for Christ to bring His love, hope and peace to Japan. How can we better help ourselves so that we can minister to them before they return? What can we do after they return? How to prepare those returning to Japan, and how to continue to stay connected.

Reaching Out to Japanese Students on Campus by John Livingston

Do you have a heart to reach Japanese people with the gospel, especially young Japanese students who are studying in the States and which the Lord has brought right to our door step? In this seminar I share some of the things my wife Yoriko and I have learned over the last 20 years.