Plenary Presentations and Seminars

Baxter, John
Brown, Naoko
Crescini, Anne
Game, Andy
Gizzi, Paul
Joseph, Kenny
Matsuda, Makito
Pearce, Andy
Pohl, Mayumi
Regional Reports
Shigematsu, Ken
Shimizu, Mao
Shimizu, Setsu
Takamizawa, Eiko
Yabuki, Ken
Yoshimura-Brand, Keiko

Ken Shigematsu’s Presentations

Plenary Session #1 Feb. 11, 7:00 pm
Seminar-Life Giving Rhythms
Plenary Session #3 Feb. 13, 9:00 am

Eiko Takamizawa’s Presentations

Pre-Conference Presentation-My Spiritual Development
Contextualization in The Scripture
Japanese Religious Development (Japanese Only)

Baxter, John

John Baxter
Moving Forward: New Opportunities in Diaspora Missions

Brown, Naoko

Naoko Brown
Japanese Culture and Barriers To The Gospel

Crescini, Anne

Loving Like Jesus Did

Game, Andy

New Media Ministry

Gizzi, Paul

Paul Gizzi

Sports Ministry in Japan – How to Reach The Unreachable

Kenny Joseph

Kenny Joseph
Japan’s Christian Roots

Makito Matsuda


Seminar-A Church That Stands in the Midst of Crisis
Pre-Conference Presentation-My Spiritual Development

Reports And Prayer for North America Regional Activities

Prayer reports

The Report and Prayer

Pearce, Andy

Fruitful Friendships with Japanese

Mayumi Pohl

What is Mentoring? – Let’s Make a Difference in Discipling!(Japanese Only) (Second Level Ministries)

Mao Shimizu

Mao Shimizu
Making A Great Impression

Setsu Shimizu

Setsu Shimizu’s Spiritual Journey given during the Pre-Conference.

Ken Yabuki

Ken Yabuki
Common Issues Facing Japanese Living In The US

Keiko Yoshimura-Brand

Building Up Partnerships With Churches in Japan