Christine Wisniewski

As a volunteer Christian post-abortion support counselor, God brought to Christine’s attention the practice of abortion in Japan. After learning of its high abortion rate and lack of Christian resources, Christine began to pray for Japan. God answered by sending her there for six months in 2011 to research the needs for women suffering from the trauma of their abortions.

While there, God confirmed the great need for Christ-centered post-abortion support counseling. In a nation where Christianity is less than 1%, the act of abortion has truly created a vast mission field. God hears the silent cries from Japanese mothers yearning for the forgiveness, hope, and healing that only the Lord Jesus Christ can provide. How much these women need to hear of Him! As an ambassador for Christ, Christine is praying to be one sent unto them.

In October 2012 Christine was appointed a missionary candidate with OMF International to serve full-term in Japan in May 2014. To partner with Christine in reaching the Japanese people for Christ please contact her by email, or visit partner support.