RJC Webinar 12-11-2015Reaching Japanese for Christ WebinarJohn Mehn, Setsu Shimizu, Dennis PetersThis is an opportunity to hear up-to-date reports from Dennis Peters, RJC Director and John Mehn, CPI Leadership Team Chair, concerning the latest Japan CPI National Conference, and reports from Setsu Shimizu, JCFN North America Director, concerning the Global Returnees Conference. 12-11-2015Link
TakamizawaJapanese Culture and EvangelismDr. Eiko Takamizawa5 patterns of accepting Christianity 5-10-2016Link
ShigematsuSpiritual Formation and MinistryDr. Ken ShigematsuLife-Giving Rhythms 4-12Link
Webinar #4Culture Specific Evangelism Principles Which Can Revolutionize Your MissionDr. Daniel KikawaThe importance of culture specific evangelism. Webinar 5-31-2016Link
Webinar RJCCulture Specific Evangelism for Reaching JapaneseDr. Daniel KikawaHow to apply the principles of culture specific evangelism in our ministry for JapaneseLink
SiscoWebinarThe Undeniable Gospel for The JapaneseKent SiscoA simple way to share the gospel message with Kanji from the Bible. A Related PPT and TractLink
rjcwebinar-freedom-in-jesus-v3Freedom In Jesus For Japanese WomenAnne Crescini and Minako WilkinsonA presentation on shame and vulnerability and how these affect the friendships and relationships of Japanese women. Also, how they impact our ministry to women. RJC Webinar Handout- Minako Wilkinson
RJC Shame and Vulnerability--Anne Crescini Handout
rjcwebinar-freedom-in-jesus-v3#2 Freedom In Jesus For Japanese WomenAnne Crescini and Minako Wilkinson Our topic focuses on raising children, which includes the relationships between parent and child (especially the mother) and the part that shame and honor plays in teaching and disciplining kids.
RJC Children and Family
Equip Yourself to Prepare ReturneesSetsu Shimizu In order for us to be able to prepare the returnees before they return to Japan, we need to prepare, equip, and train ourselves so that we can serve them in the best way we can.
The Witness God Left In The Origins Of Chinese CharactersTim Boyle The “witness” God appears to have left in the makeup of numerous Chinese characters that were adopted by the Japanese is one touchpoint that can be used to help the Christian message seem more at home to Japanese.Link
Learning From Our Retired Japan MissionariesKropps, Schmidts, LeafsThe lessons shared here will be valuable for people preparing to go to JapanLink